Saturday, November 20, 2010

History Replies

Committed warmonger and torture enthusiast Dick Cheney said on November, 16th  that "history is beginning to come around" on George W. Bush.

In refudiation, history called Cheney "a self-serving, delusional, dishonest shit" and "a goddamn fucking idiot."


Laci the Chinese Crested said...

reprogramme the fucker! Make him a socialist.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Yea I know it has been a while since I last posted with you my friend. That being said, I have been very busy with things going on in my life but in a good way. One thing was jury duty and have always been appointed as Foreman of the jury. One case did not end until 9:15 PM.

One of the latest things I want to pass on is here in Maryland we have a new congressman, Andy Harris, here in the 1st district of Maryland. This person is one of the ultra right wing Republican Conservatives but in truth, he is just a bought and paid for corporate mouthpiece and influenced vote.

A delegation of the “Maryland Tea Party” visited his office in Annapolis where he is currently a State Senator. This Tea Party group started to tell him how he was going to vote on what issues because, as they felt, they were responsible for bringing him into power with their support.

Well this self-absorbed, narcissistic, corporate stogie, stood up, went to his door of his office, and politely but firmly dismissed the “Tea Party Delegation” with the statement, “I was the one elected into Congress….not you.” Basically Andy Harris told the Tea Party to “Fuck Off!!”

So once again the Tea Party got a slap of reality of how much real influence they have in politics and that they are nothing more than being manipulated politically through their own ignorance. Just like the “Moral Majority,” “Christian Coalition,” “Tax Payers Association,” or any others that have been duped as such; the Republican could give a “Rat’s Ass” of what the Tea Party wants or demands.

They will only serve themselves which is “Corporate America.”

microdot said...

The biggest problem I have with your account is the fact that a delegation of teabaggers thought they could go to an elected official and lay down their law...
It's the same pattern all over the country!
Intimidation rather than integrity....
Does this reek of fascism to you?
What the hell is that smell?

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
You are correct that the Maryland Tea Party did approach their viewpoints with intimidation, and declairing themselves to Andy Harris.

They used the same tactics on the Moderate Democrat Congressman whom they wanted thrown out anyway ….even if he had submitted to their extreme demands such as ending all unemployment benefits for those of us who were laid off last year.