Monday, October 17, 2011


LISA KEKAULA! Why isn't this band, The BellRays one of the biggest bands on the planet? 
They've been working away for almost 20 years perfecting their high energy special fusion of extra-crunchy punky heavy metal soul and have perfected the mix into a metallurgical miracle of highly refined stripped down emotional immediacy. I first saw this band on French television about 9 years ago...Wayne Kramer performs regularly with them and asked Lisa to front his MC5/DTKS project, because the girl could do it. She could channel the energy of Rob Tyner, the vocalist of the MC5 better than any man standing could ever dream of doing....
This cut, Anymore, is from their release, Black Lightning from 2010.

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microdot said...

Every cut I hear from this band only makes me more of a true believer....absolutely cuts to the bone...nobody does this shit like they do!