Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday, Geraldo Rivera dragged his sorry ass Village People Vintage mustache down to Occupy Wall Street and proved that the last really interesting thing he did on camera was when he had the televised live butt fat implant in his forehead in 1992.....


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot my friend,
Well that butt fat that was implant in Geraldo Rivera’s forehead must have gone straight into his brain. I never thought about it before but you are correct that he does have a sorry ass Village People Vintage mustache. Geraldo Rivera has sunk so low to the point that he is nothing more than another Fox Stogie touting the company line pimping himself off for his paycheck.

Now for me, I am proud to say that I have a new job and will start tomorrow, October 12, 2011. I will be working from home designing and documenting the fiber optic “4G” infrastructure being installed in the suburbs of D.C. and Baltimore. The company I am working for is located just outside of Annapolis so I could go to the main office in about an hour if I needed to. When I do, I can stop in and see my daughter and son-in-law for dinner before coming back home to the farm in the country….with my Holy Oak Tree.

The Engineering firm I was with when you and I started talking laid me and everyone else off two years ago Oct. 13, 2009. The business of the Engineering firm is now sunk to the point that the building is up for sale and all of the owners see the end in sight.

It took me 10 months to get a job doing Architectural drawings of the local hospital but never was there a place that workers needed a Union more than that hospital. I saw them cheat people out of overtime, not pay carpenter contractors and cheat them out of $12,000 Dollars in one instant….then turn around and brag about it to the hospital employees how they cheated the contractors as an accomplishment. They knew they could get away with this because they were holding all the “Employment Cards” and the lack of jobs in the area.

I personally heard the CFO, who was nothing more than a fat ass drunk from Tennessee, puffed himself up like a blow toad then in his thick Tennessee Hickyfied accent say, “I could go fishing with you on the weekend then fire you on Monday and not blink an eye. Yelp no problem at all.” Yes he was quite proud of himself for this personal attribute.

Jack has done a very good posting with pictures on his attendance at “OCCUPY MINNESOTA.” I highly recommend it. We are hoping that that all the Congressmen and Senate Republicans and Democrats that sold and allowed themselves to be purchased by the top 1%, will deservedly hemorrhage seats in next year’s election.

I will close and pass on how much I value and appreciate our friendship and I am really glad that I stumbled upon your blog site those years ago. Good Luck To Us All my friend.

mud_rake said...

FoxNews and the Tea Party candidates are all denouncing the rallies and denigrating the participants as hooligans, hippies and radicals. But what can you expect from that network, er, the GOP Network??