Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dance Track For An Occupation

Les Banquiers, Daumier 1835

Here's a snappy little number. Free The Rich by the legendary Belle Starr, live at the A7 Club in the East Village NYC at 3 am in the morning back on an August night in 1980. The poem was written and recited by my wife, who plays keyboards. I play bass and scream. Didier Poursain plays guitar and the incredible Timmy Chisolm is the drummer. Hard to believe we did this 30 years ago because people should be pogoing to this in Times Square tonight! 
(It's in 2 parts because the tape ran out during the recording and someone had to swiftly flip the tape on my little stereo AIWA cassette recorder.)
this is a shot of the building we lived and rehearsed in on East Fifth Street ,
between Ave. A & B, around the time of the recording

I am dedicating this to Occupy Toledo! I hope it doesn't rain too much on you!
Bon Courage!


squatlo said...

Rowdy lyrics for the time period, and it might catch on today! You need to post pix from the same general time frame and give us some visual aids!

microdot said...

I added a photo of the building we lived and rehearsed in around the period of the recording. The graffiti was by the "neighbors".....