Thursday, October 13, 2011

now, that's entertainment!


Squatlo said...

Pete Townsend often cites this particular event as the reason for his loss of hearing. Apparently, Keith Moon wasn't satisfied with the pyrotechnics originally placed inside his drum kit, and insisted on a mega-dose for the show.

One of the original wild men of rock... (and isn't it almost always the drummer? How did Floyd find such a sedate drummer in Nick Mason?)

microdot said...

as a fellow tinitus sufferer, I can only say say "HUH? COULD YOU REPEAT THAT?"\
I saw the Who in late 66 at Southfield High School in Southfield, Michigan...what???how did that happen? long story, butthe performance ended with a smoke filled auditorium, and a crowd in utter shell shock as the Southfield Fire Department cleared the crowd body had quite comprehended what they had seen! I don't think the Who even completely understood, at the time, the magnificent anarchy as art that they were creating.