Friday, October 21, 2011

The OWS Three Card Monte Media Hustle a pro!

Here's a few words from Jay Smooth, the host of New York's longest running hip hop radio show, WBAI's Underground Railroad. Jay has a great video blog, ill Doctrine, check it out!
Jay:" A few thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, I've been watching it and going down there for a while now but hadn't had a chance to speak on it. 
By the way when I say some news media people are "ringers," I don't necessarily mean that they deliberately obfuscate, or get orders from some shadowy figure to do so. I think they'll often just have a personal investment in the system and status quo that's being critiqued/threatened, so they'll naturally--without any need to conspire--have their perception skewed by an instinct to protect the status quo they're invested in. So though it's quite possibly not their intention to play the ringer, it's the function they wind up serving nonetheless."


Laci The Dog said...

I had to repost it at MikeB's. merci mon vieux!

microdot said...

Glad to find something that you can use...Check out Jay's video blog...he's great!