Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bypassing the Ministry of Propaganda

FOX is playing the game of trying to punk Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and then playing what ever embarrassing footage they can scrape up on their Faux News Channel as propaganda for the idiots who watch their ministry of propaganda puppetry. When they ask the wrong person the right questions and get the answers they don't want to hear? No problem, you won't get to hear it either. But this clip of Jesse LaGreca being interviewed by FOX, in spite of being suppressed by FOX is going viral and I am very happy to post it here. Today the NYC Transit Union took the Police to court to  prevent the police from forcing City Bus Drivers and  und using MTA Buses to transport arrested Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators! Another very interesting and encouraging development was the announcement by Van Johnson that a group of US Marines will be joining the demonstration in Dress Blues. When will the NYC Police realize that this is about them, their families and their future and cross the line?
"The Right of Assembly" Cadillac Square, Detroit, Michigan, 1939


squatlo said...

Found and posted this myself yesterday, think it's one of the best counter-punches to a Faux ambush interview ever.

microdot said...

I realize that this is all over the place...but if by posting this, I can get a few more people to repost it...man that's the beauty of the internet...we make FAUX NEWS irrelevant. We go beyond the propaganda and spread reality. How can anyone say that mainstream media is liberal? A minority tries to force their opinions down the throats of the public and then claims that any fact that they don't want to hear is liberal propaganda.

ny edge said...

Regarding the NYPD everyone has noticed most of the rough stuff is being meted out by the white shirts, aka police brass (NY Times article from yesterday is online). There' are still plenty of thugs in blue, but there have also been declarations of support (on the down low of course)