Monday, January 09, 2012

Basta Mafia

Back in 2006, I wasted an evening in tranfixed in horror watching the Eurovision Song Contest. I have a strange fascination with popular culture. But as usual, there is always one band that rises above the rest, unfortunately, they always lose. In 2006, the band was Moldavia's Zdob si Zdub, playing a unique mixture of hip hop and metal full of Eastern European melodies and instruments. The song was Bunica Bata Toba and featured an old woman playing a Moldavan drum. The title translates to "Grannie plays the drums". 
 Then again, in the 2011 Eurovision contest, again Zdob si Zdub represented Moldavia playing a piece, So Lucky, from their latest Asphalt Tango release, Basta Mafia, which will be released in the USA on January 27th. It was the high point of the Eurovision program, but of course, even though they made a strong showing, they lost. I became very interested in Zdob si Zdub and I have to admit, they are now one of my favorite bands. They started out in the mid 90's and seem to tour constantly. I love Balkan horn bands and they do it mixed with electronica and metal. They mix Moldavan culture, politics and humor effortlessly. In fact that is one of the things I like best about them, their humor and how it translates into style and performance. I could go on about the band and try to describe them, but their music speaks for itself. 

I already have Basta Mafia on my computer....

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Ol'Buzzard said...

I love Father Ted's version of the Eurovision Song Contest.
the Ol'Buzzard