Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glitter Bomb In Sewage Treatment Plant?

If the title wasn't on the video, what would you think you were looking at? 

This is a fissioning corium releasing mega gamma is also FISSIONING hundreds of radioisotopes of the alpha and beta kind...strong and weak ones...toxic to mammals...they recombine with water to form oxides and hydrogen bonds...those white streaks could be gas bubbles rising to the surface...whisked by the air, traveling through the cracked containment and gases like cesium can morph to solids, plutonium travels in an oxide molecule like a hot air balloon!!!
 This is not a metaphorical view inside a nuclear reactor. This is for real-real.
This month, the good folks at TEPCO sent a remote-controlled endoscope and thermometer into the containment vessel of Fukishima's crippled reactor #2, hoping to learn something about the level of cooling water, the state of the fuel rods, and the temperature in the reactor. The view is obscured by steam, the effects of radiation, and (are you sitting down) actual goddam gamma rays just whizzing by. According to the PBS Frontline blog, those are the little streaks and flashes that you see in this video.
The probe revealed corroded piping and dripping humidity, but did not reveal the water’s surface level, which TEPCO had expected to be as high as four meters. The containment vessel was flooded with seawater during the reactor meltdown when other attempts to cool it failed. Current water levels inside the reactor remain unknown.
The probe’s thermometer function proved more revealing; it recorded the interior temperature at 44.7 degrees centigrade (112 degrees Farenheit), demonstrating that the unit’s own thermometer, thought to be off by as many as 20 degrees, is still functioning accurately.
It ain't a long shot.

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