Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mitt Blew Up The United States

Today on CNN, Republican strategist, Alex Castellanos advised how Mittens could parley his tough guy CEO role into a winning strategy in next weeks Florida Primary:

CASTELLANOS: There's more to it than that you know. We don't know what a president will be faced with. You want somebody in that chair who can handle big things. Newt Gingrich got attacked. He demonstrated tremendous strength. Mitt Romney, next time somebody accuses him of closing down a steel mill should say “Yeah, I'm that guy and you know what? I'd do it again. I'd hate to do it... I'd hate to do it, it would hurt, but somebody needs to go to Washington and I think I can replace most of these buildings in here with like three good web sites.”

We've got to change this country dramatically . He's that kind of guy. He does transformational things.

I don't know about anyone else but the kind of “transformation” that Castellanos is talking about here is not exactly the kind most Americans think is good for our country. If shutting down steel mills, outsourcing jobs to China, raiding pension funds, slashing wages, busting unions and lining your pocket while doing it is something he thinks Romney ought to be bragging about, I just wonder what anyone is smoking that would ever hire this guy.

If he really believes it's good advice that Romney should be playing the tough guy when it comes to shutting down industries in America and putting people out of work during his time at Bain Capital, someone's overpaying him to manage their political campaign if he can actually find work other than being an overpaid right-wing hack at CNN (or sadly a guest on Meet the Gregory a.k.a. Karl Rove's dance partner as well) these days. Perhaps this is just the song Mittens needs for his campaign to get America moving and groovin...apologies to the Was Bros, but hey if Mittens takes my advice, the royalties? just sayin....I Blew Up The United States, was(notwas) live 2007...added bonus, Pusherman from Superfly by Curtis Mayfield....Sweetpea Atkinson!

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