Saturday, January 14, 2012

In the context of the brutal, fear driven compassionless society we have allowed ourselves to become,
there is a final context for this act in which we are all responsible, all guilty. A 19-year-old Marine has a very hard time reconciling the fact that it’s okay to waterboard a live Taliban fighter but not okay to urinate on a dead one.


Engineer of Knowledge said...

OH Microdot,
What an epific statement using that logical, critical thinking brain, to come up with this one…… I wonder how many of the Extreme Right could have come up with this using their own talents.

microdot said...

talents? I was trained by the best in the business, Miss Patty and Miss Nancy, when I was in the first grade...I was forced to learn tap dancing against my will! Of course, over 50 years later, I can only thank them.