Thursday, January 05, 2012

EEEYEWWW! What A Flip Floppin Mess!

But, why not Santorum? So far Rick Santorum has been little more than a source of frothy amusement in the GOP nomination race. But is he really any worse or any more ridiculous than the other anti-Romney candidates were?
Just consider for a moment just how low the bar is set. We have discovered that neither adultery (Gingrich and allegedly Cain) nor serial sexual harassment (again, allegedly Cain) is a disqualification by itself, it takes both to force a candidate out of the race. This is an electorate that cheers when a candidate boasts of the number of people he has executed. Santorum has said plenty of really stupid stuff and even more really incredibly stupid stuff ,but I haven't heard any Republican repudiating any of it. We won't even discuss his regressively idiotic deficit tax plan, but you can read about it here!
Santorum is a hate-monger. But Gingrich and Paul have both pandered to the same prejudices. Mitt Romney spends so much time pandering that no one, even his staff doesn't know where he stands day to day on any issue.
None of the commentators I have read think that Santorum is likely to beat Obama. But at this point Romney does not look a lot better. Republicans don't seem to think any better of him than Democrats.
Santorum would deliver social conservatives to the polls in November. Santorum knows how to pander  and flip flop as well as well as Romney. He's even learning how to do the patented Gingrich, "I know what you think you heard me say, but that's not what I said" trick.  He would not be as a catastrophic nominee as Paul or Gingrich would be. That might be enough for the GOP to pick him. If the establishment can't get their candidate of choice, Santorum is the least worst alternative. This may be the reason that George Will and Rupert Murdoch have been talking him up. This could get really messy, fast.


squatlo said...

It's been fun to watch up 'til now, but it's about to get really down and dirty in the next two weeks. Funny how Noot was hoisted up by his pants by way of the Super PAC funds he defended in response to Citizens United, isn't it? Careful what you wish for, assholes...

Laci The Dog said...

The problem is that all this was old before it began.

I concur with Squatlo about the Citizens United Comment.

microdot said...

I just had to write the line, Romney Squeezes Out Santorum, okay? I couldn't help know, sometimes you get these uncontrollable urges...?

J.O.B. said...

To bad Senator(Pray the gay away)Bachmann dropped out. She was the best looking one.

microdot said...

too bad she's just a, if she had been able to squeeze out a little santorum this might have been a much more interesting caucus election!
can i get you a swiffer, sir?

Anonymous said...


Gingrich limps to New Hampshire trailing Santorum.