Friday, January 27, 2012

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mud_rake said...

Just a few hours ago, I was sent an email titled, 'Thank you Mr. President.' The unknown author wrote a beautiful tribute to President Obama and listed a bevy of his 'attributes' for the reader to ponder.

Then my mind turned to the vicious and H-A-T-E-filled right-wing. Why, one must ask, is this clutch of humanity so hateful of the president?

There is no logic at all to their HATE. He began no specious war; he lowered taxes; he was involved in no personal scandal; he governs from a centrist philosophy; he disdains nobody...

One could make several assumptions about these haters- assumptions that seem quite obvious. One that I have often made is their maturity level, my 'stuck in adolescence' proposal. How else could you see this hate? It goes way beyond racial bigotry, beyond this to their very core as human beings!