Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Romney Doctrine

To not mince words, flat out, let me say that Mitt Romney is a liar. He has been constantly referred to a flip flopper on almost every position he has ever taken. His ability to change depending on his latest focus groups finding  is legendary. He releases ads that are blatant lies and when called on it defends lying as perfectly reasonable political tactic. Yes, it is the medias responsibility to call him on his lies, but perhaps we have gotten so cynically used to Romney that it just isn't interesting news anymore. 
But why does Mitt Romney feel so confident about blatantly lying? Why does he feel morally justified in his ability to say or do what ever it takes to gain political power?
Mitt has created a mythos about himself built on falsehoods. He lies about his childhood, his business background and education and for example, his Mormon missionary work in the backwoods of France. He spoke for years about his life of poverty in Paris, living in an unheated hovel, spreading the message of mormonism to the uneducated French savages. Of course, the reality was that he was living in a Hotel Particular which was owned by the Mormons and then sold to the United Arab Emirates as a palatial embassy. This was what he did instead of going to Vietnam in the late 60's.
I believe that Romneys systematic lying is a rationalized part of his ethos. It is the result of a sociopathic theosophy called Mormonism.
I realize that religious freedom is an important and touchy subject. How can we talk about a particular religion and it's faults with out seeming to be biased and prejudiced. But how can we talk about the Mormons when they are so guarded about letting us know what they actually believe? The Mormons have a saying about their guarded attitude about revealing the potentially more shocking doctrines in their theology. It is the concept of "Milk before meat"which requires that specific, hard-hitting questions be met with deliberately obfuscating answers. Also, much of what Mormons consider "meat" is actually "milk". That God was not always God, and may potentially have scores of wives with whom he has marital relations to make spirit babies, fundamentally, radically affects the way a non-Mormon (or recently converted Mormon) views God. Under pressure to address such embarrassing things, Mormons will also give the impression that their religious hierarchy has or doesn't have an "official" position when the contrary is true. For example, when prompted to address the historical teachings by Mormon leaders that God the Father had physical sex with Mary to impregnate her, Mormons will give the impression (or even explicitly state) that the official position of the Church states that the conception was completely supernatural and absolutely involved no sexual contact. When challenged with the fact that the Mormon hierarchy takes no position on whether God the Father once horrifically sinned in a past mortal probation, some Mormons will give the impression that it is doctrinal that the Father only experienced one mortal probation, and that it was completely of the pattern of the probation of Jesus Christ here on this planet. When challenged with the historic Mormon idea that men may become "gods" in the fullest sense of deity, some Mormons claim that the idea is only speculative and shouldn't be discussed, "because it doesn't pertain to our salvation", when on the contrary the doctrine has been repeatedly and forthrightly affirmed even in recent Church-published literature. This is referred to as "Lying For The Lord".
I will not pretend to have sympathy or empathy for the mormon mind set. The system of rationalization that has evolved since the 1830's with Joseph Smith, who I consider a psychopathic sociopath that was a precursor of a charismatic cult leader like David Koresh in Waco, Texas, allowed Smith to rationalize his use of religion as a means of establishing sexual domination over a group of women in upstate New York.
The mythology evolved and grew as the cult migrated from one location across America until it finally found a place to flourish under the theo fascism of Brigham Young in Utah.
It is the system of rationalization that allows Mormons to lie about what they belief in to convert members that has permeated and corrupted them. I believe that Mitt Romney has a dualistic mind that allows him to lie with ease and rationalize that he is lying for the lord. That is why he can never be allowed to be president of the United States. You should read the real history of Mormonism, from it's roots in Upstate New York, to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan where they antagonized the Irish fishing community by trying to recruit the women and were massacred and driven off the island in 1856. I won't even begin to go into the more sci aspects of Mormon theology, they sure aren't. Am I trying to insinuate that Mitt Romney would create a religious catastrophe because of his beliefs? No, not exactly, but I do believe that we will never know who Mitt Romney is or what he is really capable of if he is elected. This is the Romney Doctrine, Lying For The Lord, Lying For Mitt.


jadedj said...

"I realize that religious freedom is an important and touchy subject. How can we talk about a particular religion and it's faults with out seeming to be biased and prejudiced."

OK, how about this? I am biased and prejudiced...against ALL religion. Why? Because exactly what you outline in this post is the goal of them all...the subjugation of all individually in the rank and file, i.e., me and you.

There's nothing to talk about...FUCK THEM, and their silly ass, medieval, cretin ideas!

Yes, Romney...and Santorum...would be very scary presidents, to say the least.

microdot said...

You are right, perhaps my problem is that I try to be polite and is the biggest pitfall of progressive thought.We try to be reasonable people when dealing with the unreasonable.