Tuesday, January 31, 2012


statue of liberty 3D
Here are two images created with the web site I have become fascinated with, The New York Public Library Lab Stereogranimator! There is a collection of of over 45,000 vintage stereogram sets of images catalogued on line for your perusal and amusement. This is doubly fascinating to me as a history buff and visual artist.The Stereogranimator allows you to browse the collection then use a tool to combine he images as a simple old school 3D image which you can view using old fashioned 3D glasses or to combine the images to create an animated 3D GIF image. You actually have a lot of control over the finished image and the project allows you to use the image as you would like. You can either embed it directly or have a shareable HTML Java script code. I am having fun!

Dixon crossing the Great Cantilever Bridge

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