Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Some American Humor

I should just let this piece speak for itself, but what's lamer than lame? In fact, I found this highly enlightening in understanding how scammers make money off of those phony penis enlargement spam emails or bogus viagra ads. Lamer than this and you deserve to be given a rusty shovel and made to dig a hole out back of the barn so you can just jump in...


Laci The Dog said...

Come on! Most of them are insane idiots. Straight off Bachmann, Perry, Santorum, and Paul.

Santorum and Paul were in the three top runners.

It would take an encylcopedia to get into how much of an insane asylum the Iowa Caucuses appeared to be.

ny edge said...

a holy smote upon the lying weasels and a pox on their knuckle dragging brethren