Sunday, May 04, 2014

-BQ#1 2014

First Barbecue of the season! Un bon Poulet en Crapaudine! Actually since I had the neighbors over, I made two of them. Crapaudine translates to: like a toad, because when you spread a chicken like this, it sort of looks like a big toad. I use my big chefs knife and cut out the back bone of the chicken, then I use some kitchen shears to trim it up. I flatten the chicken by breaking the sternum and then I kind of loosen the skin, but keep it in place. I used skewers to fix the flattened chicken and make it easy to flip. You can cook a flattened toad like chicken on the grill very quickly.  The cooking time was about 35 minutes. This was a pretty tasty variation, I marinated them in a big earthen ware baking dish for about 2 hours using 6 smashed lemons,  8 cloves of garlic, a few tablespoons of chili flakes and salt. I chopped the garlic and then tried to get some of the marinade beneath the skin I loosened on the chickens and then poured the rest of the lemon juice and pulp, garlic and chili over the chickens. When your coals are steady and's time to burn those birdies! These turned out just about perfect!

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