Saturday, May 24, 2014


I think my immune system kind of went down this week...I had a touch of flue a few weeks ago, but I snapped right back, I had gone the entire winter without a cold. Last night I started to sneeze and I knew that it was happening. So, I took my trusted Chinese remedy...Yin Chiao and went to bed early. I had the cold when I woke up, but the sun was out, it was warmer and after the storms last week, there was feeling in the air. So, I followed my nose into the forest and a few hours later, I came home with the first girolles of the season! My favorite mushrooms! Earler than I have ever seen them before, but I knew they were in the woods, calling me. This was the first hike I took in the woods without my dog in many years. I blame my cold on losing JJ. But, I'm now contemplating what exactly we are going to do with these mushrooms. I have to eat them immediately! It's a celebration! I feel so much better!

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