Thursday, May 08, 2014

C'mon Down And Feel American Springtime Fresh!

Bring the kids! What could go wrong? Patriotic family fun for everyone!
This is the radio spot for the May 16 Operation American Spring Rally in Washington touted by Harry Riley who is claiming that 30 million Patriotic Americans will come to Washington to overthrow the government and put Barack Obama in a cell in Guantanamo. Well, he sort of down graded the numbers to maybe...10 million. But hell, he's still expecting armed militias to flock to the capitol and block traffic and shut the whole damed city down! The jingle makes it sound like it's some kind of monster car state fair kind of rally full of wholesome family fun. Now, I think as the date approaches, the dude is getting a little worried, so they're upping the paranoia factor by raving that they are expecting Obama to attack the capitol with drones. Terry Trussell, Operation American Spring’s chief of staff, told “Patriot Nation” host Mark Hoffmann last week that organizers are “expecting the unexpected,” including a drone strike. He noted, though, that a drone strike could reflect negatively on the administration: “When the government destroys the capital just to get rid of us, I think it’s going to work to their discredit.”
Hoffmann advised participants to bring bug-out bags to the event in case they “have to run for your life.” After the militia interaction we saw last week at the Bundy Ranchero in Nevada, the real danger is from themselves. If the wrong batch of these crazy ingredients are thrown together in that kind of paranoiac pressure cooker, somebody's bound to start something as a kind of wish fulfillment kind of thing. Like I said, bring the kids, bring the family...It's gonna be big fun! What could go wrong? Here's the actual audio from the radio interview. 
I dunno, if I heard that jingle on the radio, I wouldn't be quite sure what it was about. For all I know, American Spring is some kind of Patriotic American Male Hygiene product. Like a bar of soap you could stuff up your ass to feel really American Springtime Fresh!

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