Friday, May 02, 2014


Here's some great May Day music! Bella Ciao by my favorite band from Moldava, Zdob Si Zdub!
I spent the day out in the rain putting in tomato plants. 12 Coeur de Boeuf and 4 Super Steaks. I also got in peppers and noted with great joy that my potatoes are beginning to sprout leaves! Unfortunately for me, on International Workers Day, I had to cut the last of the wood because it's still chilly here at night!


Anonymous said...

love it.. like your style. likewise the potatoes are did you come across bella ciao?

microdot said...

anonymous, I've known and sung Bella Ciao for years. I have a few recordings of it, including a very old Italian version from the 1930's. I ran across this version, because I have to admit, I am a real fan of the Moldavan group, Zdob Si Zdub. They've bee around since the mid 90's and started as a hard core punk rock band. They expanded with a real Balkan Brass sound, started mixing styles. There is a lot of humor and politics. I've posted "Everybody in The Casa Mare" by them a few times...Punky hip hop traditional Balkan...I'd love to see them play live someday.