Saturday, May 10, 2014


Je regarde EuroVision ce soir!
I know you will probably shake your head and pity me, but this is my yearly trash culture addiction fix. The worst of the the worst, each year it gets trashier, but some how I find it strangely fascinating and there is always one or two acts that go beyond the beyond. Like the piece above by a Romanian artist named CEZAR, that in my humble opinion should have won last years competition. There is no way to simply explain this. He wore almost exactly the same outfit as Britain's sorry entry, the badly aging songstress, Bonnie Tyler, and Cezar wore it so much better.
Here is the other act from 2013 that should have given the winner, Denmark's rather lame entry, a run for the money,  Greece's Koza Mostra and their totally right on socio political anthem, Alcohol is Free!
But this year? Europe is so fractured! We are all waiting for the Ukrainian entry to trigger WW3!
But, I think the entry that will really piss off the Russians and just might win is Austria. Their entry is Conchita Wurst, an incredible vocalist/drag queen who is really a guy named Tom Neuwirth. The man who is going to haunt Valdimir Putin's soggy nightmares for years....
We are making popcorn now...
Update: We discovered the dogs love popcorn! Final results are in and Sweden was #3...The Netherlands was #2, and The big, big winner was Conchita Wurst of Austria.
He must have had some high tech mascara, because he was crying for a half hour and it never ran! The French entry was actually a pretty cool band called TwinTwin, but they didn't get one stinking vote. Russia had 2 blond twins who really sucked and the only votes they got were from neighboring counties who were tossing votes in their direction so they wouldn't get invaded or something....I have to go to bed now. Way too much excitement this evening and my mascara is running!

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