Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The "Liberal" Media

Marine Le Pen, the daughter of the Jean-Marie Le Pen and present head of the ultra conservative neo fascist Front National Party here in France is on the cover of the upcoming issue of the European edition of Time Magazine.This is the party that is trying to become the kinder, gentler face of hate. She has been personally linked with neo nazi groups and personalities all over Europe. 6 years ago, the Front National was washed up, bankrupt and discredited. Her father had been the subject of multiple prosecutions for racism, personal attacks and hate crimes in France and barred from being a deputy in the European Union, but with the sensationalistic fascination of the attraction of hate, this party, which basically has no ideas, no program has gotten so much publicity that to sell a few more copies of their rag, Time is featuring her on the cover. She wants to destroy the European Union by taking control of it. She has managed to have towns in France deny food to Muslim school kids. This is what we have been fighting against for 50 years here. This is the false front of conservative catholic, fascism. This is the legacy of the Vichy Nazi Collaborationists who cling to their racist fantasies long after the end of WW2. The fomenters of violence against Jews, Arabs and any one different, but as a manipulative tool to attain ultimate power. They managed to gain some political clout in the late 70's and early 80's but blew it totally in a web of infighting and corruption.  The Le Pens are a very dangerous family dynasty and Time Magazine has sold itself out to become willing collaborators.  Just this week, the French government arrested a FN linked militant group in France-Comte called Blood and Honor C 18. The found a huge cache of arms. This image made me sick today.
By giving Marine Le Pen legitimacy and trying to sell magazines by glorifying this kind of racist hate, Time Magazine has become a willingly abbetting collaborator of the Neo Nazi Movement in Europe.  I will never forget the tragic death of Clement Meric, the Anti Fascist kid who was brutally murdered in 2013 in Paris by Jeune Francais thugs because he dared to stand up to them and intelligent ideas and truth are such a threat to these monsters that the only way to win an argument is to smash it with brass knuckles in an alley.

Here's a great documentary on the ongoing struggle on the streets here in Europe. Thebrainpolice is 100% ANTIFA! FOREVER!

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