Friday, April 02, 2010

Chamber Music

This is a piece by Sissiko Segal called simply, Chamber Music.
Victor Segal is French and plays cello and Ballake Sissiko is Malian ande a master of the Koura. The Western African Harp, which is made from a gourd. Between the microtonal tuning of the Koura and the expressive elastic scales of the cello, togather, Sissiko Segal achieve a musical improvisatory language that takes us to another place. This is truly world music which draws from the African traditions, Western Classical traditions and jazz and truly create something brilliant, new, noble and undeniably beautiful.


mud_rake said...

Excellent piece to listen to on a restless afternoon.

Thanks, microdot. I almost always enjoy your selections.

What's cooking for Easter?

microdot said...

Believe it or not, Pollo adobo...
Mexican with ancho chiles bought in Toledo.
I make the pollo adobo, then use the chicken and the sauce to make enchiladas with cheese...a very popular favorite with the Dutch neighbors. Salsa, guacamole...I have a good source for corn tortillas.

I'm glad you liked the music, but I probably would have been worried if you said you liked everything I post.

Still, no satisfaction with the phone company. They are going to come out on Tuesday...again to do the same stupid tests they did last week. The other side of France.

mud_rake said...

Well, a Mexican Easter is rather unusual, but what the hell, food is food. Yours sounds quite a lot more healthful than the traditional ham, sweet potatoes, casseroles, rolls...

Too bad about your technology troubles, but recall that the first telegraph lines didn't reach all of America until the time the telephone became popular in New York City.

Hell, they don't even have paved roads 40 mi. north in Michigan.

By the way, i played your chamber music 4 times in a row earlier today and it was the right tonic for my weary soul at that moment.