Friday, April 16, 2010

No Application For Satire

I have been a user of Apple products for well over ten years and I can attest to the innovative design and the reliability of every thing I have ever bought from them.
I am using a 12 year old first generation imac, which, inspite of a few brain transplants, has never let me down. It is showing its age now and it may be retired to the museum...
Perhaps though, Apple has begun to to get too corporate for its own image and its own good. They have had problems with quality control on a level never seen before.
They seel their products all over Europe, but still lack the infrastructure to give simple assistance for us in the outback.
The politics of marketing seems to have taken its toll. In February, I posted a piece about how the iMussolini application was a big hit in Italy. You can have a virtual fascist in your pocket.
Now, the Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist, Mark Fiore is grist for capitalist wheels of Apple. I have featured Fiores caroons here a few times and you can go to his website to see his current work.
Fiore just developed  an application for Apple for the iPhone, but the hitch is, Apple has a problem with satire. If he can get his application past the Apple Satire Police, he can reach a huge audience.
How's that for a benevolent dictatorship?

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