Friday, April 09, 2010

New Tea, Same Old Bags

A group of "Teabaggers" from the 1950's....


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Those who do not learn from history, will repeat it. The dull and dim witted Teabaggers are the same people who did not want THOSE PEOPLE to have equal rights under the law. Did not want THOSE PEOPLE to drink out of the same water fountain as us White People. Of course if you allow THOSE PEOPLE to vote….well the whole country will just go to HELL!!!

mud_rake said...

Yes, "those people" once again. It's funny how some things, some people don't change over the years. It's like group ignorance- and they either are proud of their ignorance or they are too ignorant to see their ignorance- if you follow that line of reasoning.

Recall those signs in storefront windows in the 1020's, "Irish not welcome!" Apparently the word, conservative, really does mean cement head.

microdot said...

Cement Head...that is universal...tete de beton!

But, it does tie to your threads of late, the racist roots of the onservative movement in America and how the Obama Presidency has managed to throw it into a turmoil of spin.
The polemic of Steele has really added to the sheer confusion and schizoid nature of th conservative movement.

For the time being, we should be grateful to Michael Steele as the gift that keeps on giving.