Thursday, April 01, 2010

Papal African Pilgramage

This week, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict would be visiting Africa in a Good Will Post Easter Pilgramage to promote the Catholic Church. After a week of spin which has seriously undermined the Holy Week Observances, the Vatican seems to think that by reaching out to the African Catholics, it can appear to have rediscovered its humanitarian values and reinvigorate a church which has had serious public relation problems in the wake of the ever growing world wide child sex scandals.
Bill Donahue, the  head of the American Catholic League, in an interview, said, “Scandal? What scandal? You rabid hyenas in the press keep talking about pedophilia! What pedophilia? Most of those altar boys were over 13! I mean, who was molesting who here?”
Donahue then added, “ ummm,The Pope doesn’t plan to go to Uganda, does he?”


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Muddy,
I just love your artistic soul. Have you passed this candid photo to TMZ?

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Micodot,
I had just gotten up and was not quite awake yet. I will try this again my friend.

I just love your artistic soul. Maybe you can pass this photo off to TMZ as an inside the vatican candid photo for some $$$$$. :-)

Take Care my friend.

microdot said...

The spin keeps getting more and more frantic and desparate. Criticim of the pope is like anti semitism, it's the work of the devil and last night, Donahue stuck his whole hushpuppy in the steaming pile by making the analogy,"Saying the pope is responsible for the actions a few parish priests is like saying Barack Obama is responsible if some American soldiers groped each other in a foxhole."
Figure that one out. Not only is there no analogy and it is a highly offesnsive ridiculouis statement, but it is absolutely changing the subject and denying the real issue by slathering hyperbole....
NO, it won't go away and it is going to get a lot worse.
Bennie will resign.