Friday, April 16, 2010

KIng Of The Gypsies

The sound and tradition of Django Reinhardt stills lives and inspires new generations of musicians. The tradition of Gypsy Jazz Swing Guitar is very much alive here in Europe. Perhaps the featured guitarist in this live performance, Joscho Stephan might be the best living Gypsy Jazz Guitarist. Some people say he might be better than the master, Django, himself. But that's not fair, Joscho has all of his fingers. Reinhardt only had three on his fretting hand.


Lizzie said...

Brilliant, thanks for this.
It brought back the joy experienced when I first watched Len Lye's experimental films of the 30s - with the music of Reinhardt and Grapelli.
is The Lambert Walk, and
A colour box is at

microdot said...

Lizzie, thank you so much for the links to the Len Lye animated films!
I have been a big fan of Canadian Norman McLaren, who pioneered many of the direct graphic techniques on film stock to achieve animation, but I had never really seen any of the work of Len Lye.
I will do a bit of reading and post something about him in the next few days.
Thank you!