Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Smile Of Your Shadow

A live performance by John Paul Jones of a piece from his cd, ZOOMA. Jones plays 12 string bass, mandola and finishes up with lap steel bass.
I played electric bass for many years and how often when I had to come up with a bass
part for a rock arrangement did I ask myself, "What would Jonesy do?"
A real multi instrumental tour-de-force!


steve said...

John Paul Jones, is their any better!

mud_rake said...

One more lesson from Microdot in his continuing series, "Educating Mudrake." I'm enjoying the course.

microdot said...

I had the pleasure and the exquisite orture of seeing the ultimate Jones power trio, when he teamed up with Diamandas Galas.
Who needed Jimmy Page or Robert Plant?
Galas was the ultimate lead instrument...violent, sexy and extremely dangerous. An operatic demonic diva, check out The Sporting Life... the union ofan untamed psyche and classically trained vocal chords...
I also saw Jones during the tour in the video when Zooma came out.
If you get a chance, check out Snake Eyes from the Zooma cd.
Jones takes the most basic blues cliche and proceeds to walk it through a history of western orchestral music with the assistance of London Symphony Orchestra.
His greasy paw prints have been all over British and American pop music as a producer, instrumentalist and arranger since 1965.