Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrong Is Right

Here's a piece called, Wrong Is Right, from the 1970 album, Spaces by the jazz/rock guitarist Larry Coryell.
I've always considered this to be a ground breaking work. Coryell, who was originally a rock player from Seattle, went on to become one of the most influentially innovative jazz virtuosos of our time.

The players he assembled for the Spaces project went on to form the great fusion rock bands of the 70's. The drummer is Billy Cobham and the second guitarist is John McGlaughlin. They formed the Mahavishnu Orchestra a few months later. This was McGlaughlins first American recording. The bassist is Miroslav Vitous, who became a memer of the original line up of Weather Report. Though he doesn't play on this cut, Chick Corea is on the record and shortly formed his seminal fusion group, Return To Forever.
Coryell is still playing better than ever. He is a national treasure.

The music on Spaces, though electric, is infused with lightness and really swings in the classic sense. One of my indispesible records.

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