Saturday, April 24, 2010

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Here is a clip from the 2009 Documentary, No One Knows About Persian Cats, which won awardas at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was made by 40 year old Kurdish director, Bahman Gobadi and Iranian/American journalist, Roxanne Saberi, who recently spent 100 days in a Tehran prison for charges relating to her journalistic freedom.

The film deals with the life of 2 Iranian rock musicians, Negar Shaghaghi and Ashkan Koshanejad and their attempt to play music in Tehran. The band rocks. This is real visceral Persian/Metal Hybrid. Rock music has been banned in Iran. All music must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and the rock musicians of Iran risk their lives and freedom to create. The film asks the question, should Iranian artist s stay at home or leave to be creative? Koshanejad answers the question saying, after his arrest18 months ago and three week jail sentence, "Everyone is going to leave some day."

The film was secretly shot over a period of 17 days in 2009 and was released in time for the Cannes Festival, which with their award, sent a powerful message to Iran regarding censorship.
The upshot? The two main characters have been forced to leave Iran and go into exile.

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