Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flight of the Bumblebee!

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger, Village Green in Akron, Ohio.
She recently commented on my posting of Iggy Pop performing at Madonna's induction iinto the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Iggy performed Ray of Light by Madonna and turned it into a Stooges Piece. I remarked that I would like to see Madonna try to perform something of Iggy's...Now I Wanna Be Your Dog, not that I don't believe she couldn't, I just can't imagine it. Well, maybe I can...
Village Green recently featured some news about legendary Detroit Rocker, Suzi Quatro and I began to think, maybe Rock has always had a macho swagger about it, but there have been a lot of major woman rock artists who are not honored or really taken seriously because of their gender. A lot of times they are thought of as Novelty acts, but I would like to at least here, on thebrainpolice, try to jog our collective memories and feature some of the great artists, you forgot.
I would appreciate any suggestions for my WOMEN IN ROCK series. I will try to find videos and bio material.
To kick this off, I am posting a video of Jeniffer Batten. She is a major innovator in the world of guitar technique. She played on Michael Jackson's albums and in his touring band and recorded extensively on her own. She has been the second guitar in Jeff Becks touring band and a co writer on much of the work that has propelled Beck into his 5th decade as an innovative and visionary master of Rock guitar.
This is Jennifer performing Flight Of The Bumblebee with a symphony orchestra and shredding as no normal non super human on this planet is capable of!

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Village Green said...

You rock, Microdot! This is a series so worthy of being done that I am appalled no one has done it before. We need to pound the R&R Hall of Shame er Fame with every post on this subject.

Among the shamefully overlooked: How about Terry Garthwaite and Tony Brown of Joy of Cooking?