Friday, March 07, 2008

Herbie Mann Quintet

This is so damn cool!
A live performance on RAI Italian Television from the mid 60's featuring some of my favorite Jazz Players. The group performs Memphis Underground and a Brazilian piece, Upa,Neghuino. The ensemble is light as a feather!
The band features one of my very favorite guitarists of all time, Sonny Sharrock as well as the very influential bassist, Miroslav Vitous who went on to become a member of the original Weather Report. The other flutist who also plays saxophone is Steve Marcus who played with Larry Coryell for years and came from Seattle with him.
On the original album cut, Larry Coryell plays with Sonny Sharrock. Around this time, Miroslav Vitous recorded the amazingly influential Spaces record with Larry Coryell, with Chick Corea, John McGlaughlin and Billy Cobham. A record which in its quiet way spawned the 70's fusion jazz scene.
Sonny Sharrock went on to become the greatest freejazz electric guitarist on the planet. He fused a link between Jimi Hendrix and Pharoah Saunders and beyond!
If you want to hear modern masters, I suggest the record by Sharrock, Ask The Ages, rcorded in the early 90's.
Meanwhile, this is totally cool, a real joy to have discovered!

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