Thursday, March 13, 2008

Iggy Pop Performs Madonna's Ray Of Light as a tribute to her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Iggy's the guy who should have been the one Madonna did a tribute for. I want to see Madonna come out on stage and try to perform any of the Ig's classics...This guy should have his own separate Hall of Fame.
Iggy Pop, a 61 year old adolescent motivated by the sheer force of his will to rock!


Village Green said...

It totally pisses me off that the early women of rock have been shunned by the RR Hall. Madonna belongs in the Pop Hall of Fame. Put Suzi Quatro in, put Fanny in and then I'll take a trip to Cleveland to worship at their shrine.

microdot said...

I agree with you. Rock has always had this boys club aura around it and few woman rockers have ever been taken seriously by the club. It makes the women who did acheive something lasting all the more worthy of inclusion..
I am a huge fan of Jennifer Batten, who played for Michael Jackson during the Thriller period.
She went on to become the foil for Jeff Beck in his adventurous music of the 90's. A truly amzing player!
Sara Lee was one of the greatest bass players for 3 decades. She is worth a chapter in anyones book on women in rock. Google her and check out her history.

On the other hand, I read some of the reaction ot Iggy's performance of Ray of Light and all I can say is "If you don't understand what you can't underestand then you'll never understand what you won't understand!"

I have been a fan of Iggy since 1966 in Detroit/Ann Arbor. He's older than me and makes me work harder to stay young.