Thursday, March 06, 2008

George Bush Can't Dance

And the Fuhrer was a lousy artist.

George "Dancin' Fool" Bush on the steps of the White House March 4, 2008.
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Jeanette said...

He never claimed to be a dancer or even to like dancing, but the problem you have is that he's not whining during his last year in office because he loves the job he doesn't want to leave it. Sound like Bill Clinton? It should. So much he's trying to get his wife in there by hook or by crook. I love it that GWB makes you see red.

microdot said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Next President of the United States!

Laura (Pickles) Bush!

Nahh, just wouldn't work.
By the way, you know of course that Laura is still living in her private suite at the Mayflower Hotel....

It's purely professional relationship!