Tuesday, March 11, 2008


C'mon America, pitch in! You can do it! Pay more at the pump! These guys need more money, now! Remember, last week Karl Rove said that if we pulled out of Iraq, Oil prices would shoot up to $200 a barrel....hmmm...since he said that, we've stayed in Iraq and oil prices have risen almost a dollar a day per barrel...that was 7 days ago?
Hmmm, pull out now, pay $200 a barrel or a dollar more a day for the next how many years? Didn't John McCain say something about the next 100 years?
You do the math, my brain hurts!


steve said...

In a way I'm sort of happy that the price of oil keeps rising and rising. It's going to force the issue of alternatives sooner rather than later. Lets face it, we are living at the end of the oil age. It certainly will be a hard row to hoe, but I think we will come out of this alright. There certainly will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth, but I think the world on the other side of this peak oil meltdown will be a much better place. I'm personally considering not driving altogether anymore- Taking the bus and riding my bike, or a combination of both.

microdot said...

Unfortunately, in my rural location, there is no convenient bus service, but I am a manic biker.
Still, we manage to fill our gas tank only once a month on the average and group everything together for car usage.
We use the SNCF here for trips to other cities. Pretty convenient, there is a local train station maybe 8 miles from here and it's not expensive, for long trips it beats gas expenditures and the time frm city center to city center is a lot faster than driving.
Brits are now cutting back "voluntarily" on city lighting and driving, but this is a canary in the coal mine indicator of the reality to come, when we will all have to cut back on our energy usage out of sheer neccessity.