Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spy In The House Of Love

Here's a piece of music from early 90's by a band I can't help loving, Was/Notwas.
Yes, they are slick as hell, with the incredible Sir Harry Bowens and Sweetpea Atkinson on vocals. Sir Harry was with the O'Jays for years and Sweetpea was on the Ford assembly line. Don Was on Bass and David Was on sax and flute.
I heard today that they are releasing a record next month after a hiatus of over 10 years working apart on other projects. Don went on to produce Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Cheb Khaled among others, David worked with Rickie Lee Jones and Wayne Kramer.
The record to be released next month is called BOO!

If you are interested, David Was has a blog and it looks like he is reporting on the progress of the revitalized Was/notWas...check it out from time to time!


David Was said...

Spelling bee time: BUZZZZZZZZZ! You lose!!

Rickie Lee Jones; Bonnie Raitt. Harry Bowens. Sweetpea, not SweatPea.

But thanks fror the nice thoughts! As they say, as long as you spell our name right!!!


D Wuz

microdot said...

Merci, Monsieur Was!
I am dyslexic but always a true admirer of your work!
I will never wash my computer again!

I will fix my spelling errors.