Monday, March 17, 2008


Today, March 13, 2008 Ny Times Op Ed column by William Kristol contains a major prejudicial error. The premise of Mr. Kristol'c column is that Barack Obama was in the pews of his church on July 22 when the pastor of his church delivered the sermon which the Conservatives and the Clinton campaigned have pounced on as evidence of the anti American sentiment of his religious affiliation. It makes no matter that Mr. Obama refuted his pators remarks. It makes even less of an impression that many Americans agree with The Reverened Jeremiah Wright and the message is quite like what they hear from their pulpits each Sunday.
But, let's get back to Mr. Kristol and his attempt to imflame the Conservative penchance for "outrage" with him condemnation of Mr. Obama for not getting up and refuting his Pastors Sermon from the pews.

How could he if he simply was not there? The facts are, Mr. Obama was on his way to Miami, Florida when the sermon was delivered. Here is video evidence.

This is not the first time Mr. Kristol has played with reality to sway opinion in his Times column.
.......AMAZINGLY ENOUGH! I was going to provide links to comtact Mr. Kristol and the Times to if you wanted to inform thm of their error. I did just that when I heard about it. I just checked the link to the article and Mr. Kristol amended it in the on line version, apologizing for his error and not checking facts. I think a lot of people wrote emails!

So, to illustrate this piece, I have a YouTube video of Mr.Kristol getting royally pied at a speaking engagement last year. Here's a link to the noble organization,
The Biotic Baking Brigade, who have been serving up their tasty pies to obnoxious blowhards for a few years now. I think they have some recipes posted as well as gallery of their greatest "hits"!


Jeanette said...

Did you happen to watch Obama's speech on Tuesday in which he admitted he was sitting in the pews when some of the inflammatory remarks were made, but he didn't change his membership?

Did you hear him say he could no more disown his pastor than he could disown the African-American community?

Have you looked at the website for the church to see what it is they stand for? If so, did you notice no whites may apply?

This may be Obama's Achille's heel and help Hillary.

I honestly don't know and don't care, but am merely pointing out Obama's hypocrisy on this issue. He may not have been there for this specific sermon but he heard plenty of others and never disavowed them until he had to and then sounded as though he were arguing with himself.

microdot said...

Jeanette, he did not say he was sitting in the pew when the particular remark was made. He did admit to being a member of the church and sitting in the pews when his pastor spoke on many occasions.

I have provided documentation and the video of his appearance in Miami that day.
Mr. Kristol has printed an apology for the column which was in the New yorkl Times.

I cannot imagine that you listened to his speech. If you had actually listened to the speech or read the text of it, if you were not moved down to your very toes, I would have very grave doubts as to the actually ability of you as a person to have actual empathy or concern for anything beyond your narrow agenda.
This was a brave speech by a brave man!

steve said...

I thought he was a "Muslim" according to right wing propaganda? gha hahaha. I guess this whole church issue blows that swift boat out of the water.

I thought Obama's respondant speech was amazing and addressed the issue perfectly.

He truly is a uniter, and if he gets the nomination, I think he will make short work and do an end run around the right wing smear machine and make them look like the petty stooges they are.

microdot said...

I think, so far, he has met every challenge by rising above it.

Jeanette said...


You misinterpreted what I said. I did not say he was there at the time Krystal said he was, as I already knew that to be false.

What I asked was if you heard him admit he was in the pews when some of the many inflammatory remarks were made.

I heard the speech; trust me, I heard it. It was a good political speech but whether or not it gets his rear out of the sling is yet to be seen. Very few political speeches move me to tears, Microdot. I'm not a swooning teenager.

microdot said...

I am.