Saturday, March 01, 2008


The video is satirical piece from The Onion, one of Americas longest running political satire journals.
But really, have we gotten anywhere in resolving the controversy regarding the political affiliation of the companies providing the electronic voting machines in America since the 2004 elections?
Have any real attempts been made to resolve the hackability issues?
Have there been any attempts to resolve the issues of accuracy?
There has been a lot of talk, but as we head into the 2008 Presidential election, controversies regarding the accuracy of the role of electronic voting machines in the primaries in many states, including current unresolved issues in New york and New Hampshire demonstrate that there are huge problems and very little has been done to safeguard the integrity of our right to an honest vote.
This is an article from February 29th, 2008 from Cleveland Newscast 5 that only highlights the inaccuracies still plaguing the Ohio Electronic Voting Technology.
In a pretest of the system, two out of three attempts to scan ballots failed!

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