Friday, March 28, 2008


Earlier this week, it was the "sleep deprived mis speaking" that led Hillary to give us her fantasy action figure version of her trip to Bosnia. Unfortunately, she had mis spoken 3 times earlier on this ame subject.
The above video is a production of the Jed Report and shows that she has mis spoke for months now regarding her role in the Irish Peace Process.
What next? A compilation of her mis spoken sleep deprived statements on NAFTA?

Realistically, it is one thing to mislead the public in the heat of the primaries. It is easily done. Hillary's campaign seems to believe that this kind of mis speaking is something that can be swept under the carpet after she gets the nomination.
In the real campaign, this is the stuff that will be used to destroy her by a armed and loaded Republican trash machine.

We can't afford to have a candidate who's record is built on mis speaking and exagerrations. A network of lies, so easy to expose, will become the very ammunition used by the Republicans and the Conservative Press.


mud_rake said...

I'm beginning to think she's an R in D's clothing. Bill is praising McCain! Are they trying to throw the election to McCain so that in 2012 she can step in an dknock the old man out?

I think so.

microdot said...

I really think there is a lot happening behind the scenes now.
The total trend of the Times Op Ed Page today was about Hillary, her vuneribility, and whether she should exit the race or not.

Frank Rich really nailed it and said what I said in the post here, she has given the Republicans the ammunition they need to destroy her on any number of issues. The next big bomb is her blatant lying about her position on NAFTA.

This is a digital world and her campaign on so many levels has just not been able to grasp it.
McCain has great consultants, but he could never debate Obama, he is dangling from his own web of lies and these guys will never figure out how to use the internet in a hip way.

Honest hipness beats an info-mercial any day!