Sunday, March 09, 2008

"I Don't Hate Gays, but.."

I am publishing this video of Images set to a screed by Oklahoma State Republican Representative Sally Kern. She did not know she was being recorded as she spoke to a group of 50 constituents last week, off the cuff.
This speil contains just about every patented smear and bigoted hate inspired untruth that is being flounced aboutby conservatives.
She talks about an agenda when it is her twisting of the simple fact that homosexuals are in society and want representation and protection from bigots like her..
The mere fact that there are homosexuals elected to city councils and other government offices is enough to convince her of a vast conspiracy.
There is no obscene language, but this is hate fueling filth at its lowest.
I am publishing this because it is the Municipal Elections here in France today and a very good friend, who is openly gay in a small community is running for mayor and we believe he is going to win.
In the small town he lives in, he is well loved and tolerated by almost every one save a few who have waged a vicious smear campaign. We believe that good will triumph today over a few extreme right hate filled individuals!

Election Update We got s call earlier this evening letting us know that our friend won and is now the mayor for the next 6 years. This is great because, it is a rural small town and inspite of the tendency for elections to be ruled by gossip out here, people are not always swayed by hate and prejudice!


Joshua said...

This is just another example of old school (bigotry) politics in America. The winds of change are blowing and come this Novemeber, the wind will be strong. Look at the voter turnout for the youth in the US (largest in anyones memory). People here are hungry for a change. Approval ratings for both the President and Congress are horrid. I have a feeling come November there will be a voter revolution and some of the old heads are going to roll.)))

Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge:

Just like the piece I wrote for Mud Rake's site, “The Young Turks of America.” They are honing their propaganda on a daily bases from so many difference sources; but all with the same message.

mud_rake said...

I sent thi slink to our Toledo Christian gay-bigot this morning. No doubt she has congratulated the woman for her outstanding commitment to god.

microdot said...

Well, if she waddles over here and posts, she will find out that I removed the moderation filter.
If she has something intelligent to say and can say it with out resorting trying to be provactive and uses her real tag, I will be happy to post it.

Last month, things got crazy and thanks to blog patrol, I was able to identify that the comments threatening to report me to Homeland Security as a Terrorist who shouuld be on the No'Fly List came from a Northwestern Ohio Internet server.
That's when I decided to utilize comment moderation.